About us

aboutusDKM Insurance Advisors is a diverse insurance agency with the aim to cater to the risk management needs and employee benefits/group insurance coverage for employers and their valued employees. We offer the most comprehensive and inexpensive insurance policies in the market.

When you want longevity for your company, you know how critical it is to take care of your employees. You want them to feel secured and that their values are appreciated. To show your staff that they matter to you, you take care of what matters to them: their future, their family, their retirement, their health.

The sense of security that group insurance provides is what DKM Insurance Advisors offers to your company at reasonable rates. Through the numerous knitting insurance providers which we are affiliated, we can mold your chosen coverage to meet your specific needs.

Our professional and experienced insurance agents will consult with you and will meet your requirements as a company of people, with security needs that we ourselves can relate to.

Hand in hand, we make every insurance shopping experience a satisfying one for your company and ultimately to benefit your employees.


900 E. Diehl Rd., Suite 161

Naperville, IL 60563

Phone: 630-505-8200

Email: tony@dkmia.com

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